Are you looking for a landscape designer to walk you through the design-build process from start to finish? Would you like a designer to hold your contractor to his (or her) word, inspect the work and ensure that it is done to industry standards? Below are examples of Solstice design-build projects in which Tristan has led the process from start to finish to ensure a quality result. 

Landscape Design Portfolio

Project Photos

CAD Drawings

Are you looking for a full yard re-design and want a professional CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) drawing in black and white or full-color? If so, this would be a good option for you - click below to see samples.  

Pencil Sketches

Are you on a budget and don't need a full, computer-rendered drawing? This option could be for you. It's just as detailed as the full CAD drawings, just not as time-consuming -- saving your hard-earned money for the install. This option is best for smaller lots, and perfect if you want to just focus on one portion of your yard at a time.