You've reached the F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) page. If you do not see your question/answer below, please send any questions via the form at the bottom of the page.


What is your service area?

For residential services, the Greater Seattle Area. For retreat centers or larger projects I have worked throughout the United States and am available to travel anywhere in the world you wish to fly me to. 

What type of work do you do?

Landscape design, landscape consultation, landscape construction (on a case-by-case basis), and landscape construction coaching for do-it-yourselfers/DIY-ers.

What type of work don’t you do?


Providing quotes for only a single wall, patio, or other landscaping item that isn’t part of a holistic landscape re-design

Providing quotes for the installation of another designer’s work

How does your process work?

Click here for the visual description of the process.

If I contact you today, how soon can you meet with me to start the process?

Please visit the Contact Landscape Design page for current scheduling info.

How long does the design process take? If I contact you today, when can we break ground on the project?

That depends on the season and the current backlog of design and construction work. If this is a concern, please contact me using the form below and I can give you the details about  current scheduling. 

I just need a patio, retaining wall, etc. installed. Can you come over and give us a quote for it?


What do you charge?

The initial consultation fee is $2,000 – for the two-hour initial meeting. It also covers the pre-meeting review of your detailed design questionnaire, all meeting prep and travel time to and from your location, and ongoing support after the meeting. The hourly rate for design and additional consultation is $600/hr. Rates do fluctuate and due to the high demand for home services during covid, rates have increased dramatically over the past year, and expect to continue to increase throughout the foreseeable future. Once you submit the Project Information Form, your rate will be locked in for one year, even if listed rates increase in the meantime.

Do you have a minimum project size?

No. If you're willing to pay me my hourly rate, I might even be okay with polishing  your shoes. However, I have no formal training in that, so I'd recommend that we stick with landscape design. 

I’ve laid out the basic design of a patio/path/wall, etc. that I want. Will you come out and give us a quote for this work?


Do you work in the winter?


Do you do maintenance?


Would you come out and sketch up landscape design ideas on-site for us during the initial consultation?

Usually not. The initial consultation is a chance for me to listen to you and thoroughly understand your goals. I will often mention some general ideas to gauge your taste in various design possibilities, but there's not typically time for any sketching or formal proposals. If you're dealing with a very small area or simple transformations, sometimes this is possible. 

I would like to do the installation of the landscaping myself. Can you do a design that I install myself?

Yes! Happy to do so and support you in your DIY landscaping efforts. Click here for more details on how I work with DIY-ers. 

I just need a small area re-designed. The projects on your portfolio are much larger than my yard. Do you do design-build for small areas?

Yes. My portfolio of work is much more extensive than what’s shown on the website. If you don't see your exact project style/scale/scope, don't fret. My process relies heavily on customizing to your tastes and desires, and project scope. However, for smaller, simpler projects you may find that my process is much more detailed and involved than what you need, and you may find more value in getting quotes from that guy in the truck with the word "landscaping" spray painted on the side. :)

After the landscape design is complete, who does the installation?

This depends on the scale, scope and location of the project. Tristan may be able to lead the install on some projects, and he often partners with other landscape contractors to execute his designs. We can discuss this in detail during the initial consultation if you wish. Regardless, at the end of the design process you will be provided with the plans, and you are welcome and encouraged to work with whatever contractor you choose. Tristan is also available for ongoing support throughout the construction process if you wish. 

How much will it cost to...(fill in the blank)?

For typical costs to produce a landscape design drawing, please view the Landscape Design page of the website. 

It is not uncommon for a complete landscape overhaul in the greater Seattle Area to cost between $50,000-100,000 when hiring a reputable landscape contractor. If your yard is small and changes aren't incredibly dramatic, you may only spend $10,000 or so. You can always choose to install anything yourself for a dramatic decrease in costs. Tristan is available for Do-it-Yourself Landscaping support if you wish. For more details on DIY-ing your project, click here. 

I have a design that was drawn for me by another designer, can you provide a quote for the installation?


I have a landscape designer / general contractor who will be managing the installation of a design. Could you provide an estimate for him/her?


I am a personal assistant to ____________________, and would like to meet with you in lieu of you meeting with ____________________ to get more information and a quote. Are you available to work with me?

No, I only meet with the client themselves. Because my process relies heavily on the personal connection with each client, it does not work for me to work with anyone except for the person who will be using the space and writing the checks.

USE THE FORM BELOW TO CONTACT TRISTAN BY EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS: If you do not have a specific question and would rather like to submit your project info for consideration, please fill out a project info form by clicking here.

Confused? Look no further...  

Archibald (he does NOT respond to Archie, Arch, or especially A-Bald -- please respect the seriousness of his name and do not call him anything other than Archibald!!! Archie is all about 'serious' and has absolutely zero sense of humor, but has an exceptional talent for reviewing and critiquing all types of luxury goods, including cars, yachts, watches, men's shoes, suits, suites, cuff links, cologne and caviar seasonings. Fair warning, however: it takes a LOT to impress him, and expect him to be quite disappointed. 

If you do have a question, this is an actual image of the actual person who will respond to your question (it's actually what he looked like 9 years ago. Since then, he's aged a little, but if you ask me, he looks better now than ever, even with the few grey hairs he has acquired!). If you are disappointed and would prefer to see a stock photo of a much better-looking model who has no affiliation with Solstice Landscape Design, one has been provided for you below.  P.S. His name is Tristan. P.P.S. I'm referring to the owner of the business, shown above, not the stock photo model, shown below. We do not know the model's name. If you feel more comfortable with us giving him a name, we shall call him Archibald.