Tristan at home on Mount Rainier

Tristan having fun with his youngest nephew

Tristan having a blast with his new motorcycle


Solstice Landscape Design is owned and operated by Tristan Heberlein. Tristan started Solstice in 2007, after receiving his dual bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture (with an emphasis on Urban Ecological Design) and Community & Environmental Planning from the University of Washington.‚Äč

With an artistic spirit and a working class work ethic, Tristan works diligently to maintain the artistic purity of his work -- while also addressing the many pragmatic and functional considerations of each client, and each site. Tristan's intuitive approach to the landscape design process is built on carefully listening to your issues, concerns, and design sensibilities before offering ideas and solutions. His education, talent, sensitivity, hands-on experience and insatiable curiosity have led him to be one of Seattle's most well-respected landscape designers.  

Additionally, Tristan has attended many healing retreats around the country and around the world, and derives much peace and joy in the process of helping retreat center owners serve their visitors better by designing spaces that can amplify and support the process of healing and restoration of the human spirit. 

Tristan is a member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, and the Association of Professional Landscape Designers. 

Tristan is also a visual artist whose work is meant, primarily, to use words and color to translate raw emotion into visual art. Click the images below to view samples of some of his artwork. 

Tristan getting his hands dirty on a jobsite