Current scheduling: I am unable to accept new residential clients at this time, and am focusing solely on retreat centers, sacred space and landscape art installations. Please contact me through the FAQ page if you have a project in mind that you would like me to consider, and we can discuss timeline and other details. 

Thank you!!!

(Last updated April 29th, 2021) 

Tristan Heberlein, Earth-Whisperer and Landscape Designer

For general questions please contact Tristan through the FAQ form here.

This is Tristan. He's a nice person and wants to help you. He's acquired 10 extra years of weathering since this photo was taken, but he's still just as nice, and still wants to help. 

Phone Number: (206) 898-2850  Because of a variety of factors, including the cost of office help, Tristan's busy schedule, the overwhelming number of solicitors calling, the high volume of calls requesting services that Solstice does not offer, the many questions asked over the phone that are answered on the website, the many questions people ask over the phone that cannot be answered over the phone, Tristan's personality type (INFP), and other mysterious cosmological phenomena that may never be understood, Tristan does not answer his phone, at least not until we've developed a working relationship (at which time you will be given his top-secret cell phone number). So, if you have a question, send it electronically from the bottom of the FAQ page! :)