Portfolio - CAD Drawings

For a complete landscape re-design, especially on larger lots, CAD (Computer Aided Drafting) drawings are the best and most efficient way to capture the millieu of information and ideas that coalesce into a thorough and thoughtful landscape design. A black and white drawing is always the first step, and you can choose to have it colored if you wish. Both options offer the technical specificity of CAD, while the color version is often easier to quickly and easily grasp for people that aren't used to looking at plan-view landscape drawings. All designs are contractor-ready, and include a detailed plant key and materials list.

Click on any of the drawings below to open a gallery of images. Given the large dimensions of each drawing, you are welcome to right click and "save as" any drawing in the slideshow to download it and zoom in to explore the drawing.  

Image quality has been reduced for easier web viewing.

All plans come supported by with a full materials list, with images of all recommended plants and materials. Here's an example of a Solstice Landscape Design Plant List.

Click below to open the sample plant gallery.

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