The mission of Solstice Landscape Design is to create spaces that allow for the fullest expression of human creativity and connection while honoring the Earth with reverence and love. This is achieved through a landscape design process that is led with sensitivity and empathy. It is a design process that is equally rigorous and disciplined. It is a process that encourages and allows for your fullest expression while also tending to the unique needs of both the land that you inhabit and the other creatures who share it with you. It is the perfect blend of art and science, and the result of a collaborative process that calls on the highest and holiest attention of our minds, bodies and spirits to heal our relationships with ourselves, our relationship with nature, and our relationships with each other. 

This is more than just landscape design. This is the art and magic of landscape alchemy.


the seemingly magical process of creation or transformation


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​pertaining to all of the visible features of land

            especially in terms of their spatial and aesthetic relationships