"Now and then in our lives we're fortunate enough to encounter a true artist, someone with remarkable passion and talent for the work that they do. Tristan Heberlein of Solstice Landscape Design is one such person. His vision is exquisite. His execution is meticulous. He turns his clients' desires into works of art. I hired Solstice to turn my plain and scruffy back yard into something beautiful. I had a few specific ideas I wanted to execute, but the rest I left to Tristan. He came up with a design that exceeded my expectations, even just on paper. I didn't bother getting other quotes or designs.  Tristan communicated very clearly and actively about how the process would go. He managed my expectations carefully and was flexible about accommodating the special needs created by my driveway and my dogs. His team was cautious and courteous, a pleasure to have working on my property. The work was finished sooner than expected. And oh my word, the results! It's even more beautiful than I imagined from the sketches. The patio stones are exquisitely laid and perfectly balanced. The plants, of course, are small right now but already show a hint of the glory they'll become. I'm thrilled and grateful for the transformation." 

 -Letha Dunn, Kenmore 

 "Tristan was the perfect person to help us design and transform our front yard. He is very intuitive and was able to take our input and create a space that surpassed  our vision and expectations. Whenever we come home now there is a sense of welcome, open energy but he also incorporated the perfect balance of privacy. The space now is so visually inviting and the design has a mystical quality to it. Every time we leave the house, we notice something new. It is a very peaceful way of coming and going! We really appreciated Tristan's attention to detail. He is very thoughtful about his choice of plantings which were in line with our spiritual values in regards to the earth, the bird life and the environment. The fence is amazing, enfolding the wonder of the garden. We also love how much diversity is in the design and even though it is a small space he somehow gave it a feeling of spaciousness.  In terms of the practical aspects of the job we also greatly appreciated the quality of work and the consciousness and consideration of his co-workers, Jeff and Jordan.  Overall it was a very pleasant and really non-obtrusive process. We would highly recommend Tristan and look forward to working with him on another project soon."

 -Marilyn Aron, North Beach, Seattle 

"My husband and I were looking for a landscape design for our backyard that included a new patio and more privacy. We are DIY kind of people, but not good at planning a cohesive, attractive design. After extensive research of local designers, we decided that Tristan would be a great choice for us, if he would be willing to travel outside of his typical work area. Fortunately for us, he was willing to travel, I think because it was a design only job, and because our philosophies are similar. He condensed the process down to one day. He came out, listened and looked at my 10,000 ideas, and walked around the yard with us. Then we left him alone to do his work outside. About 2 hours later he brought in his design to show us and it was gorgeous! We really couldn't believe how lovely this rendering was, just a pencil sketch. The design uses so many of my favorite inspirations. We had a few questions, but wanted no changes. Everyone I have showed it to has remarked on the beauty of the design, and how amazing it will look when done. We can't wait to get started!" 

-Lia Suprenaut, Burien

"What can I say other than Tristan is fantastic. He listened to everything my husband and I wanted and then injected it with his own artful style and eco-sensibilities. Prior to Solstice, my yard was an overgrown study in invasive species. And after? It's real sancutuary, not just for my husband and I, but for the birds and bees that linger in it  as well. It's a garden that delights all year long and where every plant looks as though it is just mean to be. I love my yard!"

-Lauren Meyer, West Seattle

"My wife and I recently had Tristan plan the landscaping for our first house, and it has been an incredible experience. Tristan has an amazing breadth of knowledge about all things landscaping, and a great eye for design. On top of that, he is extremely professional and a great communicator. He has the ability to perfectly blend your landscaping needs with his incredible vision. We just finished our first round of landscaping, and will be enjoying our brand new deck this weekend with friends. Thanks, Tristan!"

-Matt McCauley, Ballard Neighborhood, Seattle

Tristan recently designed and installed a perfect, beautiful back yard for us. We have a small townhouse yard, and Tristan was able to help us take a variety of vague ideas and shape it into something that is both functional and relaxing. He brought a high level of professionalism to all aspects of the process, from initial design to final steps, and made everything so easy for us! I'll definitely be recommending him to friends and neighbors in the future.

-Stephanie Butorac, Greenwood Neighborhood, Seattle

I couldn't be more pleased with Tristan's knowledge and responsiveness. The city asked us to have all of our trees documented on the site plan for our coming renovation -- a strange request as we're not doing any work outside of the existing footprint. Tristan was kind enough to read the city's request and set up time to swing by the house to put the required documentation together. He was also kind enough to charge us a VERY reasonable amount for the work. I'd recommend him in a heartbeat for similar work.

-Jed Esposito, Pinehurst Neighborhood, Seattle

​"I own Riggins Construction LLC in Seattle. Solstice has done absolutely beautiful work for countless clients as well as providing me with job leads for their clients to complete fence and deck contracts. I am very impressed with their quality and design. 

​-Ryan Riggens, Riggens Construction, LLC, Seattle

"We turned to Tristan to develop 2 design drawings for a proposed sidewalk along our property, finding ways to preserve old trees from the City's initial design. He provided us with clear designs that were effective in working with the City to alter their designs to get both the sidewalk they want and keep the trees and berries along our property. We highly recommend Tristan for landscape design that is professional and sensitive to the site."

​-Marty Curry, Meadowbrook Neighborhood, Seattle

"We called Tristan to help us figure out what to do with our much neglected backyard and instantly took a liking to his easy going manner, vast knowledge of plants and obvious love for what he does.  We hired him to draw up a design for the yard.  During the planning process, he made an extra
effort to make sure he understood what our objectives were and spent a lot of time walking around the yard to understand the soil and basic lay of the land.  The design he came up with was
beautiful but we decided to proceed with a house remodel project first.  A year and a half later we called Tristan again and, after a few tweaks to the original plan, he picked up right where he
left off.  After what turned out to be a hellish house remodel project, it was extremely refreshing for us to be able to work with someone as professional, conscientious and hard working as Tristan.  There were no surprise “add-ons” or “didn’t see that coming” and we paid what we expected to pay.  He worked right alongside his crew, Kacie & Tom, every day and made sure every sprinkler, trellis, paver, wall block, light, rock, bench, tree, flower and shrub was placed perfectly before putting anything into the ground.  His communication throughout the project was great and, after each phase, he made sure we were happy with the progress before he moved on.  Now, when someone visits our house and walks out onto the back deck the first thing that comes out of their mouth is “Wow, this is gorgeous!”  Simply said, Tristan and his crew work hard, take pride in their work and take pride in a job well done.  They did a beautiful job and we wish we would have known about them 4 houses ago.

-Scott and Rebecca Harrington, Mercer Island

​"Solstice Landscape Design developed a design and performed the installation for a complete makeover of the landscaping around our building. The work included an overall design, a screening fence, patio, paths, new soils, planters, and planted areas, and lawn. The outcome is great - lots of compliments!

We were very happy with the process, price and results. Tristan, the owner, is a very good communicator. The design process was iterative - with Tristan listening to what we wanted to accomplish; he asked many, many questions and spent time at the site inspecting the current soils conditions, views, and general layout . He developed different ideas to meet our goals. After settling on a design, Tristan developed a cost proposal and worked with us to fine tune the costs to meet our budget. Schedule - we were having other work done that the landscaping had to schedule around. Again, Tristan was very accommodating and made it all work. While installing the work, several unforeseen things occurred, Tristan communicated quickly and gave us choices.

There were several very small change orders that we asked him to do, these were very modestly priced. I recollect the job was completed almost on the exact day that had been scheduled several months prior! The end result is a fabulous, complete makeover of the property that really changes the character of the whole property."

-Martha Schoenthal, North Seattle

"Tristan did a wonderful job at a fair price. The yard was very challenging due to drainage issues but 
it looks beautiful now. We will be hiring Tristan to complete the landscaping as the weather warms up
and there are more plants in the nurseries."

-Erik Hendrikson and Joan Ward, Edmonds

"We remodeled the backyard, rebuilding a retaining wall beautifully, making a previous driveway a sanctuary of a place.  He was lovely and absolutely understood what we were going for.  He listened, developed, and created a beautiful space for us.  We are eager to use him again.  Tristan's stone work was an art form, as is his knowlege of native plants and what would create the look at what time of the year that you are going for.  He was mindful of existing structures that we wanted to keep, which was sometimes difficult.  He was conscientious and careful, always asking our thoughts instead of guessing in gray areas.We were always impressed at his vast array of knowlege of many trades.  He was a respectful, enjoyable person to have around as well; someone you would want to share a beer with after transforming your space into a beautiful area.  We would (and have) recommend him without a single reservation.

-Brandea Paulk, Greenwood Neighborhood, Seattle

 "From start to finish, Tristan and his crew from Solstice were a pleasure to work with.  They were all very professional, hard workers.  The weather was very soggy, but those guys were out there anyway.  From the first meeting to the sign off, we were really impressed with this company.  We highly recommend Solstice Landscape Design." 

 -Victoria Bishop, Shoreline 

"Tristan designed my backyard, And then gave the very detailed plans, with color pictures of all suggested plantings to me to finish in my own time. Wonderful guy, with a great sense of design. LISTENED to me, to what I wanted, and then returned when he said he would with the completed plan. He included every single item I asked that he include.

-Sher Storey, Edmonds

 "Tristan and team were both responsive and professional. We were very pleased with the process from beginning to end.  Tristan listened carefully to our requests and concerns and quickly created a plan that fit well with our needs. He was also quick to respond to our questions or make recommendations as needed. All in all, this was a very good experience with a super team. Our backyard area was awash in nasty ivy, weeds, ancient and unattended roses, blackberries and about 100 old tires that someone used to shore up a slope. None of this seemed to phase Solstice, and the result is a  graceful, easy to care for, and beautiful back yard area. We may call them again when it is time to redo the front yard." 

 -Dave Haas and Diana Harker, Shoreline 

"Everything went great - the design had me wondering but only because I just couldn't picture it in my drab and overgrown yard.  Tristan's plan didn't seem to be what I had imagined.  Boy was I wrong ... my garden is beautiful.  It's everything I didn't know I wanted."

-Joanne Beaurain, Shoreline

 "Wow, as a new homeowner, Tristan was the right guy to go to to overhaul our landscaping. It started with an awesome survey that my wife an I filled out so that Tristan could get a feeling for what we like. Then we paid Tristan to draw up a design, which was a WORK OF ART. Full color, computer rendered, printed large as well as delivered electronically so that we could brag on Facebook. We liked everything so much that we barely changed anything on the design. We decided to work in phases since we couldn't afford everything at once, and started with the hardscaping. I wanted really large slate pavers, and Tristan really delivered here. In fact, we paid for smaller pavers and he threw in some enormous table sized pavers that blew my mind. The quality level was incredible with the curving retaining wall and the carefully laid pavers. Tristan doesn't cut corners, which is what I wanted. You pay for quality and its worth it.  After we completed the first phase, Tristan consulted for free on how to get mulch blown in without using him as a middle man. Integrity and professionalism are top notch here." 

 -Philip Edry, Seward Park, Seattle 

"Tristan and crew were wonderful to work with. Patient, insightful, creative, hard working, punctual, and delivered excellent value. we quickly came to trust their design and judgement.

Originally we had some sticker shock when we began to price out the work we wanted done.  We didn't know our dreams were bigger than our wallets.  Someone else might have taken advantage of our ignorance, but Tristan helped us understand a realistic range of what each element might cost, and re-scope to our budget.  He was especially good at helping us prioritize our options and choose trade offs that aligned with our values. We expect to live here a long time, so we chose to invest in soil augmentation and the long term health of the landscape.  We opted to "do it right" instead of choosing work that might look better in the short term. 

During Solstice Design's installation, a rainstorm revealed issues with runoff and drainage which Tristan noticed and brought to our attention.  Some problems were outside the scope of his work, and he easily detailed actions we needed to have completed by other providers.  He also adjusted his design on the fly to manage runoff with swales, so that our soil would be able to absorb the excess water over time.  He proposed this solution along with a revised budget and schedule that very day, which we gladly accepted.  The revised work was completed on time and within budget, and has handled this winter's storms quite well. 

On the whole, we are very grateful we chose to work with Solstice Design, and feel this was money well spent.  We would recommend them to any Seattle-area resident interested in artistic and/or sustainable landscape design, with a medium to large project in mind."

-Tim Biegel, West Seattle

"End to end the project was very smooth and surpassed expectations.  This was only phase 1 of our backyard remodel and just signed the contract for phase 2.  We started with our overall design for our dream backyard which consists of 5 phases total.  Designing and planning was interactive and helped us work through exactly what it will take to complete the overall project.  The level of detail in proposals covered every aspect and step of the project with a big focus on making sure that the work would last for many years - this includes removing a lot of dirt, bringing in gravel and finish materials.  The Solstice team also went over the top.  They were punctual, hard working, friendly, clean and took extra care not to damage areas they were not working on (aka the neighbors lawn they were moving material next to).  Little finishes like river rock by the draining system, details on the fence and making sure every piece of the paver stairs fit nice and tight are a big return on our investment.  This is a high dollar investment, but the materials and way they are installed are high quality and will last for many many years."

-Phil Burtcher, Seattle

"We are extremely pleased with the results of our landscape project, and we have received lots of compliments from our neighbors as our new space is very attractive and very visible to passers-by. We are happy to have eliminated the drainage issues and are enjoying the benefits of a patio space and driveway. Tristen really listened to our ideas and desires and designed a comprehensive plan that addressed all of our highest priority areas within our planned budget. He and his team were very professional and very good at communicating details about schedule so we were well informed throughout the project. Tristen also checked with us along the way to make sure we were satisfied with the progress and the results. He even re-accomplished one section of the driveway to better fit our car. He is extremely easy to work with and his work was of very high quality. We were quite happy with the ease of the whole process and with the beautiful end result! Thanks Solstice Landscape Design!"

-Sheila and Brian Kirkwood, Laurelhurst Neighborhood, Seattle

 "Tristan came out to our new home site.  He met with my wife and I two times on site to go over design and planning. Tristan was able to utilize our "wants" and incorporate our example pictures into the master plan. He produced a master landscape plan that was beyond our expectations. We were very pleased with his service, professionalism, courtesy, enthusiasm and price (very reasonable). Thank you Solstice Landscape Design!"  

 -Craig Kagetsu, Bellevue 

 "Excellent, awesome, great work, attention to detail, punctual, dignified, artistic, passionate, extraordinary work." 

-Jason Kanter, Bellevue 

 "Excellent. His design was just what we needed and wanted. Tristan was extremely thorough, attentive, and talented. He first asked us to fill out a survey to determine what we liked and didn't like. And when he came out to the house to work on the design he remembered everything and was a great listener to include everything we mentioned once he briefed us. His service throughout the project was outstanding. Quick to respond and address any questions or concerns we had. His team did outstanding work, the project seems fairly big but they worked quickly and the backyard now looks awesome. I would definitely recommend Solstice to anyone who needed landscape design and work. My fear is how spoiled we've become from all the great service. The price seemed a little high in comparison but worth every penny." 

-Sean Gallagher, Maple Leaf, Seattle 

 "After contacting Tristan he responded quickly sending us a detailed questionnaire before his visit. On the day of his visit he took his time LISTENING to what we wanted as we weren't clear ourselves, then he was able to draw up a design suggesting different plans suitable for us and took TIME to show us pictures from his design. We needed to have something on paper to solidify our ideas and this is exactly what Tristan did. Very easy to work with." 

-Alan and Patricia Alexander, Redmond

"Solstice did work for us 2 separate times, which included some major landscaping projects. This included a parking strip for us as well some concrete paving stones. They will actually be coming out for a 3rd time fairly soon. Everything went just fine! They are very capable of doing this type of work." 

 -Arlene and Stephen Cohen, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle 

"We bought an older house and had some diseased trees from our front yard. We looked at a couple of landscapers and went with Tristan after he came to our house and we did a walk through with him. We liked his ideas on plants and trees and ideas he had for our yard. We had him draw up a landscape plan for us and were impressed with the quality of work he did."

-Robin Godfrey, Woodinville

"We are very happy with the design Tristan came up with and how it turned out once done.  The workers were very prompt and professional and it only took two days for them to finish our job.  Super happy and would highly recommend Solstice Design!"

-Brian Halse, Wallingford Neighborhood, Seattle

 "I love to garden but some projects are just to big for the casual gardener. I was referred to Solstice Landscape Design by a friend. I contacted Tristan, the owner, and he quickly responded. He met me at my home and listened to my ideas. He clearly explained the process and returned with a landscape design that matched my vision for my new front yard. Solstice removed a large amount of old grass and replaced it with beautiful natural large rocks, native trees and a variety of plants, incorporated beautifully with many of my own plants transplanted from other parts of my yard. Throughout out the project Tristan kept me up to date and provided his excellent professional recommendations. In the end I have a beautiful yard and all was created and completed easily by working with Solstice Landscape Design. I highly recommend their services." 

-Andy Epperson, Capitol Hill, Seattle 

"We had Tristan of Solstice Landscape Design over to draw a landscaping plan and prepare an estimate in the beginning of April. I immediately liked his approach to the project. Of all the landscape designers we interviewed, Tristan just seemed to really love what he does. He also recognizes the spiritual connection we can have with plants and the earth, which resonates with my values and the relationship I want to have with my surroundings. Anyway, we signed a contract and work began April 27. While we were waiting for work to begin, I studied the landscape plan and asked if we could make some minor changes regarding plant selection. Tristan was super easy to work with and some of my "wish list" plants were available and included in the final product. I am thrilled with how the project turned out. It's beautiful and functional and will become even more amazing as the plants get established and grow a bit. In the 24 hours since the last plant went into the ground, I've gotten compliments from five different people. I expect I'll hear more wonderful things, because it just looks great. I can't say enough nice things about Tristan and I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone." 

-Anna Lesiecki, Ballard, Seattle 

 "I contacted Tristan at Solstice for a landscape design consultation for the front portion of my home. Prior to coming on-site, we discussed what I was looking for, and I sent him some examples I could find online of some of the features I was looking for.  Tristan then inspected my property, and drafted a to-scale drawing of what I could expect from a landscaping remodel. He gave me some addresses to visit, where I could see some of his prior landscaping work, and I liked what I saw when I visited those sites. We settled on terms for the work, and he indicated that, due to a backlog, it may take as much as 5 weeks to get the work done. I wasn't thrilled with the timing, but I felt like his team was right for the work, so I agreed.  Within a few days, he called to say that he could likely squeeze in my work in between another job that was wrapping up, and that his team may need a couple weeks to complete the work, but that they'd have it done well before the five-week estimate previously provided. I agreed, and Tristan's folks arrived the following week. Rather than providing piecemeal work on my site, Solstice worked non-stop for 4 days, removing the overgrowth from my front yard, keeping the few plants I wanted to re-use, adding a considerable amount of soil to provide elevation and contour to the lot, planted all of the new plants, and finished the lot with a generous supply of mulch.  Tristan then gave me time to inspect the work and make any additional suggestions. The work looked exactly like the drawing. I recommended adding a few stones to the path he had built, and laying down more thyme as ground cover. He assented to both of these improvements without hesitation. He was extremely communicative, and met or exceeded my expectations of professionalism and workmanship at every opportunity." 

 -Ray Polakovic, Ballard, Seattle 

 "We hired Tristan, of Solstice Landscape Design to help us put together a landscape design.  He was competitively priced with the other two landscape designers we met with.  After meeting with the designers, we felt the most comfortable with Tristan and his process, so we went with him.  We filled out his detailed questionnaire ahead of time and had a walk through of the property.  He must have really used the information provided and actually listened to what we had to say because the design he came up with  was spot on with what we were looking for.  His process really helped us to figure out what we wanted/needed from our landscape. He provided different options and a wide variety of planting choices, but also gave his recommendations...which was very helpful given that we didn't know much about plants going in.  Once the long term landscape design plan was in place, we asked for a quote. The initial quote to do everything in the plan was quite a bit more than we wanted to spend this year.  However, Tristan did a fantastic job of breaking it into 5 phases in the initial quote and then adding/removing and moving things between phases to help us get to our target budget.  He worked closely with us to figure out what we could do ourselves, what we could push off until next year...basically, how to get the biggest bang for our budget for this year.   Overall, Tristan was very responsive and was quick to return calls and emails.  He showed up when he said he was going to show up, did what he said he was going to do, and was very responsive to our needs and flexible with our hectic schedule.  We would definitely use Tristan again and would (and have) recommended him to others.  He was a pleasure to work with." 

-Kyle and Kris Swallom, Bothell

"Solstice is a very fine company. The gentleman who runs it is a very responsible guy. He is very smart and easy to deal with. He accepts ideas. He checks things out. He doesn’t get offended when you raise points, and he wants feedback. They are top notch. They do a great job. I would consider using them in the future." 

-Stephen and Arlene Cohen, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle 

 "Tristan gave us a questionnaire to learn what we like (and don't), and how we would use our garden. He followed this up with a meeting and walk-through to get a better sense of what we wanted our landscaping to be like. A week or so later, he presented us with a thorough design, list of plants, and an estimate. Tristan worked well with us to design the project so it almost fit in out desired budget, and then did value engineering to bring it to a number we could both agree on - while still achieving our goals. I'm glad we didn't go with "some guy with a truck", as I do believe that we got what we paid for. Tristan and Scott take great pride in their work, and the garden is beautiful. Even before it was complete, we began receiving compliments from our neighbors and passers-by.  The job took less time than Tristan estimated.  We were kept informed by daily conversations and emails when needed. Overall - Tristan runs a very professional company, and I recommend Solstice Landscape Design with no reservations. We are happy that we have a beautiful garden of native plants - Tristan is even applying to the state to get us certified as a backyard wildlife sanctuary! 

 -Leif Jackson, Queen Anne Hill, Seattle 

 "We’re so glad we chose Solstice. Tristan came up with an aesthetically pleasing, detailed design and he worked closely with us to assure the job was done right. Whenever we had suggestions, questions, or concerns, Tristan was there to make sure we were satisfied. All the work was done in a professional way and the project was completed as scheduled. Another thing we like about Solstice is that they are careful to minimize environmental impacts. We wanted to have both native plants as well as colorful perennials to attract birds. Tristan chose plants that are not only drought-tolerant, but they’re beautiful and they also attract birds. We’ve never had so many birds visit us before and we love it!" 

-Judith and Mike Boyce, Bellevue

"Tristan is great to work with. We got his name from another very happy customer of Solstice. He delivered a great landscape design and was open to our direction and feedback. The install went very well and when a couple of curveballs came up, Tristan was very communicative and creative about the solutions. We would absolutely work with him again." 

 -Vicky and Matt Tamaru, Magnolia, Seattle 

"We love our yard! For 10 long years our yard had been weeded over and depressing. I'd tried to make some improvements on my own when I joined the household but the yard was far too large and it was obvious we needed professional help. We turned to Tristan. He was very enthusiastic, very professional. He listened, suggested ideas, worked with our budget and fixed and corrected things we grumbled over with nary a blink. The best part was that he finished on time just as he laid out the schedule! Also, when one of the new trees died he replaced it free of charge. A year later I love looking out to the landscaping from the house and I can let my toddler loose on the grounds without any worry. People compliment our yard all the time and I do not hesitate to recommend Tristan."  

 -Aki and Dave Carrol, Wedgewood, Seattle 

"Better than I could ever imagine! It started out with just preserving the carved eagle I inherited when I bought the house and wanted a little bit of landscaping around it. Tristan talked me through what I would like to see in my yard - low maintenance, drought tolerant landscaping, sustainable. His concepts so fit with what I wanted that I had him do a design for the whole yard! Seeing the layout was very exciting! With dry stream beds from the down spouts and around the eagle. He said that he was going to do some sculpting of the beds but I had no idea of how wonderful it would be - going from a flat lawn to sculpted hills. The plantings are amazing! There are large stones and planting around the eagle that really set it off - and there are two large dished stones that the birds love as bird baths (my indoor only cat really like to watch that). It is all I could have imagined and way, way more. What Tristan and crew can do it just amazing!" 

 -Judith Stoehr, Ballard Neighborhood, Seattle 

 "We recently terraced our front yard after ripping out all the ivy. Solstice Landscapes did a lovely job of designing, bringing in just the right rockery to match what we already had and then terraced the front yard. We really liked Tristan's ability to communicate and listen to what we needed. He stayed in contact and was very professional and hard working, so was Scott his assistant! Wonderful Job!" 

-Mary-Megan and Robert Linder, Phinney Ridge, Seattle   

"Dear Tristan, We are so thrilled with how our yard, patio and stairs look, all thanks to your fabulous and artistic landscape design.  Prior to hiring you to redesign our landscaping, people would walk by and say, "oh, such lovely plants, such a lovely lot, such green lawn, but what terrible stairs and landing, and what's going on with that gravel side yard?".  Now people come by our house and actually OOOH and AAAH over how beautiful our yard looks. We even have strangers (since this is a walking neighborhood) walk by our house that have to come up to us to comment on the beauty and grace of our landscaping!  The crew you had do the stonework were the best I have ever worked with.  The team were true artists and were always here on time, worked hard all day and produced amazing results.  I have remodeled many homes, inside and out, and never had such a great experience with a contractor as I did with you and your team.  As you know, my husband and I had our doubts in the beginning.  But you reassured us that we would be happy with the results and we trusted that you were the expert.  We are so happy we did, because if we hadn't, we wouldn't have the beautiful landscape that we have now. Thank you so much!!" 

 -Pam Warren, West Seattle 

“I had been looking to redesign my front yard landscaping for awhile and by total chance I came across a Solstice business card. From the first email I exchanged with Tristan all the way through our working together he was total professional! He is extremely knowledgeable in his field and highly talented. If you are looking for sustainable landscape design, Tristan is your man. I truly look forward to working with him again in the future and will recommend him to everyone I can!” 

 -Morgan Wagner, West Seattle 

“Tristan's design was amazing! He carefully listened to my needs and desires and applied them perfectly in the landscape design. The install proved to be even better - he kept me informed during the process, checking in regularly to be sure I was satisfied. I would highly recommend Solstice Landscape Design to anyone looking for a creative, artistic landscape design!”

-Kris Jensen, Kirkland

“I went to Tristan for help with my front yard. I had a steep grassy bank facing the east which was difficult to mow and dried up every summer despite my watering. I was thinking a couple of walls so that I would have a terraced area for flowers. He took into consideration my preference for fragrance and plants that would attract birds and butterflies. He designed new front steps, walls and perennials which go well with my 100-year old classic Seattle home. During the installation, Tristan always called me to discuss any design adjustments and to ask for my approval. I can’t wait for bulbs to come up, for the perennial bushes to grow a bit, and to fill in blank spots with annuals. It is amazing to see how the new look makes the house look so much better! I would highly recommend Solstice Landscape Design for your landscape design project.”  

-Carolyn Heberlein, Fremont, Seattle (also, Tristan's mom)

 "Tristan and his crew were a pleasure to work with. Tristan had a clear and creative vision for my landscaping project. I was very impressed with his professionalism and would definitely recommend him to anyone." 

-Dene Miles, Ballard, Seattle   

“Tristan was fun to work with and he got the job done! I hired him to install a garden in front of my condo in Laurelhurst, where a previous garden had been obliterated by the installation of new water pipes. Tristan listened to what I wanted and was able to turn the mess of hard clay into a wonderful gardening space for me.” 

 -Erica Schiller, Laurelhurst, Seattle 

 “Tristan has the rare gift of being both exceptionally creative, and realistic at the same time. I like to think of him as a man with his head in the clouds, and his feet on the ground. He is a stand-up human being who is trustworthy, and spirited. I have enjoyed working him on many projects, and I wish him the greatest success as owner of Solstice.” -

Brooke Sullivan, Owner: Back to Nature Design, LLC 

 "You are great to work with, even in the cold pouring down rain! The design you came up with is very workable and the plants, shrubs, and trees work well for my property. You do a great job!!!!!!!!" 

 -Bonnie McEachern​, Bothell