Tristan is also not afraid of doggie kisses*

* Exception to this rule: If the dog's name is Cujo, BloodyFang, or Creeping Death.

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Solstice Landscape Design is owned and operated by Tristan Heberlein. Tristan started Solstice in 2007, after receiving his dual bachelor's degree in Landscape Architecture and Community & Environmental Planning from the University of Washington.​

Born and raised in Seattle, Tristan's early memories include helping his mom in the garden. His first landscaping jobs were freelance landscaping cleanups and maintenance jobs in high school. Eventually, his desire to mix art, nature and service to humankind lead him into the field of sustainable landscape design.  

With an artistic spirit and a working class work ethic, Tristan works diligently to maintain the artistic purity of his work -- while also addressing the many pragmatic and functional considerations of each client, and each site. Tristan's intuitive approach to the landscape design process is built on carefully listening to your issues, concerns, and design sensibilities before offering ideas and solutions. His education, talent, sensitivity, hands-on experience and insatiable curiosity have led him to be one of Seattle's most well-respected landscape designers.