FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you do have a question, this is an actual image of the actual person who will respond to your question. If you are disappointed and would prefer to see a stock photo of a random model who is pretending to have some affiliation with Solstice Landscape Design, one has been provided for you below.  P.S. His name is Tristan. P.P.S. I'm referring to the owner of the business, shown above, not the stock photo model, shown below. P.P.P.S. Sadly, due to high call volume and other logistical nuances, Tristan does not answer the phone. But he does respond to emails - usually between 9pm and midnight after the rest of the world has gone to bed.

If you do not see your question below, please send any questions via the form at the bottom of the page.

What is your service area?

I work from a North Seattle home office/shop, and serve the greater Seattle Area.  

What type of work do you do?

Landscape design, pruning, landscape construction, and consultation for do-it-yourselfers wanting to complete their own landscaping project.

What type of work don’t you do?

Maintenance (except for pruning)

Providing quotes for only a single wall, patio, or other landscaping item that isn’t part of a holistic landscape re-design

Providing quotes for the installation of another designer’s work

How does your process work?

Click here for the visual description of our process.

How long does the design process take? If I contact you today, when can we break ground?

That depends on the season. Typically our installation schedule in the summer is completely booked up by the end of spring. However, in the early spring we are often only booked out a couple of weeks. In the winter, we are rarely booked out more than a few days. If you are considering working with us and would like to know our current schedule for consultations, design work and installation, please contact me and we’d be happy to tell you what our current schedule looks like.

I just need a patio, retaining wall, etc. installed. Can you come over and give us a quote for it?

No – the process would always start with re-designing an outdoor space.

What do you charge?

The initial consultation fee is $300 – for the two-hour initial meeting. Currently, our regular rate is $150/hr., and the rate for pruning and other skilled labor is $75/hr. For less-skilled labor the rates are less, and depend on the skill set required for the job at hand.

Do you have a minimum project size?


I’ve laid out the basic design of a patio/path/wall, etc. that I want. Will you come out and give us a quote for this work?

This is not our niche. If you’re clear about the layout already, there are many fine companies out there who would better serve your needs. Tristan’s expertise is on helping you clarify an executable design, and then helping usher that design into real life with precision, or helping coach you on how to install it yourself. Tristan excels particularly well with complex design challenges that have left you, and possibly other landscape companies stumped on how to meet your functional needs and aesthetic tastes.

Do you work in the winter?


Do you do maintenance?

Pruning only

Would you come out and sketch up landscape design ideas on-site for us during the initial consultation?

No. About all that we have time for in the first meeting is to walk through the site, discuss possibilities, perhaps look at pictures of plants or other design ideas. Sketching design ideas would be part of the post-initial consultation design work.

I would like to do the installation of the landscaping myself. Can you do a design that I install myself?


I just need a small area re-designed. The projects on your portfolio are much larger than my yard. Do you do design-build for small areas?

I am happy to work on all scales of design/build projects. Our portfolio of work is much more extensive than what’s shown on the website. We’ve done everything from tiny condo patio areas measuring only 12 x 15 feet, to entire 30,000 square foot lots, and are happy to continue working with anyone who values our design process and is willing to pay a fair price for high quality work.

After the landscape design is complete, who does the installation?

This depends on the scale, scope and location of the project. Tristan can lead the install on many projects, and he often partners with other landscape contractors to execute his designs. We can discuss this in-detail once there is a design in place. 

How much will it cost to...(fill in the blank)?

For typical costs to produce a landscape design drawing, please view the Landscape Design page of the website.

For rough estimates on pruning work, please send an inquiry through our pruning form, and include photos of what you would like pruned. I do not offer free on-site estimates for pruning.

For landscape construction work, National statistics gathered by the American Society of Landscape Architects  show that it costs, on average, 10% of the value of your home to completely renovate the entire property. This actual number varies depending on existing site conditions, and the exact features you would like to include, access to the site with necessary equipment, and many other factors. Our experience also tells us it can cost between 5 and 15% of the value of your home to completely transform your yard into a beautiful, nourishing, ecologically-friendly, functional landscape.

I have a design that was drawn for me by another designer, can you provide a quote for the installation?

No, at this time we are only doing installation of work Tristan has designed.

I have a landscape designer / general contractor who will be managing the installation of a design. Could you provide an estimate for him/her?