Do you have a bleak, boring, or out-of-control yard that you're not sure what to do with? Do you have snippets of ideas of what you like but are not sure how to fit them all together?

Tristan's personable style, ecologically-sensitive approach, and extensive education and experience in all facets of landscape design and construction exceed clients expectations on a regular basis. 

Fine Pruning

Landscape Design

Do you have a Japanese Maple or other specimen tree or large shrub that just isn't living up to its promise? Have you recently planted a tree and found it looking like a wild mess of branches and leaves, without any form or structure?

The careful pruning of a tree or shrub is an art form that takes many years for a landscape professional to develop. It involves sensing the essence of the plant, seeing it for what it wants to be, and carefully shaping it to be a better version of itself. 

Sacred Space 

Do you run a church, yoga studio, meditation center, or other spiritual or therapeutic venue? Are you aware of the correlation between access to nature and healing? 

Tristan's own spiritual journey, as well as his extensive research in the realms of sacred space, archeoastronomy, religion and an array of other fields have given him a rare gift of using landscape design as a channel for healing. 

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