The proper pruning of a tree or shrub is an art form that takes many years of careful study and application to develop. It involves sensing the essence of the plant, seeing it for what it wants to be, and carefully shaping it to be a better version of itself. 

Over his many years of experience in the landscaping industry, Tristan has developed a keen eye for seeing a plant's potential and shaping it to highlight its virtues. His experience includes, but is not limited to, the following types of plants:

  • Japanese Maples
  • Dogwoods
  • ​Ornamental Cherries
  • Mimosa Trees
  • Rhododendrons
  • Camellias
  • Snowbell Trees
  • Vine Maples
  • Sumacs
  • Birches (under 30')
  • Pines and Fir Trees (under 30')
  • ​Smoke Bushes
  • Magnolias
  • Aspen Trees (under 30')
  • Cedar Trees (under 30')
  • Willow Trees
  • ​Golden Locusts
  • ​Redbuds

Fine Pruning

Do you have a Japanese Maple or other specimen tree or large shrub that just isn't living up to its promise? Have you recently planted a tree and found it looking like a wild mess of branches and leaves, without any form or structure?

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If you're ready to honor a tree or shrub with the gift of a proper pruning, please contact Solstice Landscape Design using the pruning request form by following the link below. You may also submit questions through the form as well.